Where I’m At.

I made it. Three days in a row at my new job. I really didn’t think I would make it. It’s been over a year since I worked and while I’m feeling better these days, starting work in the last three weeks has been harder than I imagined.

There have been days, yeah more than one. That I’ve come home and cried from my body just hurting so bad.


Also, last week my cousin’s husband passed unexpectedly. So there was that. I was so shocked I couldn’t attend the services, it’s just to soon after my aunt. One funeral a year is about all I can stand.

I threw up last week after work my second and last day of the week. Honestly I could not tell you if it was from my pain levels or stress.

SO..besides that… I love my job. I work at this little bagel shop on the island near where I live. Mornings I work I get to take about a twenty minute drive and if you have never watched the sunrise over marsh… You are missing out on life. Everyone at my new job is super nice! They even let me be a part of their Secret Santa 🎅 for the holidays.

Even now. I’m so tired. A little shaky. Zapped of energy. There is so much to get done though. And it’s Christmas! Oh yeah and tomorrow is my birthday🎂.

Thanks bro. I know.

I can already tell you. Coffee will not be enough today. But I’ll manage.

Going to the doctor’s office is not my favorite thing to do, sadly it’s a normal occurrence even though this year they have begun to spread out a bit.

{See I told you I was getting better}

It’s really just a check up. Some blood work most likely and getting my form of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), which is a pellet type of medication. #YASSSS. Hormones! They for sure have to be attributed to feeling a bit better. We started three months ago and this will be my second round of treatment.

Can you tell I’m super stoked about this?

The injection site is painful for a few days, pretty tender even as it heals, but worth it.

More to come soon.